We have our first official look at Blake’s newest movie The Age of Adaline. We have posters a still and a trailer! Enjoy. The trailer looks really good and I am sure Blake is amazing in the movie!

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If you’ve already anointed Blake Lively as your lifestyle guru (that hair! That baking talent! That website!) we’ve got some more great beauty advice straight from the source.
The face of Gucci Première fragrances (who gives PEOPLE an exclusive peek at the Eau de Toilette launch in this week’s issue) dished about what perfume means to her in an Q&A with us (and in the video below). “Fragrance is a big part of one’s identity. It’s one of the very few things I do every day, is put on fragrance,” she says. “If I’m not wearing makeup, if my hair’s not done, if I’m walking around in pajamas, I still have fragrance on. You know, I brush my teeth, I put on my perfume.”

Makes perfect sense for the star, who says “glamour is a state of mind.” And though she is often spotted looking like the textbook definition of glamour at events like Cannes, Lively tells PEOPLE that her aesthetic will change day to day. “Every day it’s different … I love the history and story of fashion so I love dressing in different decades,” she says. “I think the best thing to do on the red carpet is just whatever makes you feel the most comfortable and the most confident. Everyone has their own version of that.”


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Blake is the cover-girl for the 20th Anniversary September issue of Marie Claire.

Of all the things one might have expected Blake Lively to do after playing New York City’s hottest rich teenager on Gossip Girl, “make philanthropy cool” wouldn’t exactly be high on the list. Marry the Green Lantern (aka Ryan Reynolds) in a top-secret ceremony outside Charleston, South Carolina, complete with a couture Marchesa ballgown and a glitter-dipped bouquet? Sure. Take time off to buy and decorate a country house in Bedford, New York? Absolutely. Make a movie about a chic woman who never grows old (The Age of Adaline, due out in 2015)? You bet. But running off to one of the seedier parts of Boston to make a documentary with Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn about teen sex trafficking? Or signing up as the face of Gucci’s Première fragrance because she likes the house’s philanthropy as much as its fashion? Or launching a lifestyle website that’s as focused on charity as it is on e-commerce? Not so much. Lively herself, however, isn’t surprised at all. “I always knew I would do something like this,” she says.

She’s curled up in her suite at New York’s Bowery Hotel, dressed in black crepe Rag & Bone overalls and a white cutout top, her famous butterscotch hair tumbling about her shoulders and her diamond engagement ring blinding anyone who dares look directly at it. Melting on the coffee table sit 10 flavors of ice cream from Il Laboratorio del Gelato, which Lively—a passionate foodie—dips into from time to time, occasionally pointing out one I must try (“Whoa. Thai chili chocolate”). At 27, she is just as you remember from Gossip Girl—eyes the color of a moody sea, a smile straight out of a Crest commercial—but more composed and self-aware. In person, Lively has a steady, clear-headed focus that Serena van der Woodsen could only dream of. She does not drink and has never touched drugs. Her MacBook has a huge sticker of Disney’s Snow White on the cover, holding the big white Mac apple. Her go-to curse word is “gosh.”

She’s in town for a bash that Gucci is throwing to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the Sound of Change Live concert, the first major fundraising event of the global initiative Chime for Change, founded by the trifecta of Beyoncé, Salma Hayek Pinault, and Gucci creative director Frida Giannini, which is perhaps best described as a kind of Ladies’ Hall of Justice. Basically, anyone who buys select Gucci perfumes can allocate $5 from the purchase price to the charity of his or her choice via the Chime for Change website (Chime has funded almost 300 projects that benefit women and girls in 81 countries) and then see how the donation is being put to work through the website’s impact reports.

“I was so excited, because I knew [Gucci] could help me realize some of the desires I had,” says Lively. With other charities, she explains, “you can send them your donation, but it’s hard to track the progress of what you’ve given, so it’s hard to stay emotionally invested.” Also, a lot of organizations have seemed mostly interested in getting a good photo op with Lively … which is kind of a bummer. “It brought a moment of attention to them,” she says. “But I don’t want my picture taken. I want to do something.”

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