With thanks to my friend Ali I have added a poster and a still that we didn’t have in the gallery for Blake’s movie Hick.

[2012] Hick: Latest Additions

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[2012] Hick: Screencaps: Making of Hick

I have added over 400 screencaps of Blake in her indie movie Hick to the gallery.

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[2012] Hick: Screencaps: Movie

That’s frustrating, because you get the sense the actors, particularly Lively and Moretz, could have taken this story anywhere. In her off-duty hours Lively is certainly an upscale-looking girl, making repeat appearances on the cover of Vogue. But in the movies, she never plays down to her characters. Here, as she did in The Town, she makes you believe in her character’s mixed-up soul, not just in a particular accent or in a way of standing that signals “person from the other side of the tracks.” She’s a promising actress who’s probably capable of much more than she’s yet been asked to deliver.

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[2012] Hick: Stills

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[2012] Hick: Screencaps: Trailer